PtD Information and Publications

Here is a fairly complete PtD bibliography: Prevention through Design Lit June 2016.

Information and documents that may not be easy to find.

A Research-to-Practice-Report_final-2015 by RMIT provides an excellent explanation of the PtD Process and practical examples of how PtD has been applied to reduce hazards.

A recent CIB W99 conference on that provides very practical advice for implementing PtD in the US.

A case study (Riley Hospital for Children) that successfully used PtD and other life cycle safety management techniques.

A brief article about the successful use of PtD on a road project at the Y-12 National Security Complex.

A research report for NIOSH entitled “Effects of PtD on UK” by Dr. John Gambatese.

PtD articles from the special edition of the Journal of Safety Research, April 2008

PtD-related Linked In groups include the Safety in Design group (which may require you to have a Linked In account but contains helpful links and files) and the ANSI/ASSE SH&E Standards Information Center.

A Ph.D. dissertation on PtD by Nicholas Tymvios at Oregon State Univ.

Two-page Overview of PtD in Construction.

A brief discussion of why “No conflict between PtD and text on Means and Methods” in typical contracts.