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Design for Safety regulations in Singapore


DFS in Buildings and Structures – Guidelines Nov 08

Design for Safety regulations in Hong Kong



The links below were kindly provided by Travis Langbecker, a practicing structural engineer who implements design for safety ( or prevention through design) principles on an ongoing basis. Most of his projects thus far have been based in Australia and South Africa.

Australian Codes of Practice / Guidance Material

  1. Federal
    1. Safe Work Australia Webpage
    2. Safe Work Australia Health and Safety by Design page
    3. Model Codes of Practice
      1. Safe Design of Structures
      2. Managing the risks of plant in the workplace
      3. Confined Spaces
      4. Construction Work
      5. Demolition Work
      6. Guide for the safe design of plant (draft)
      7. Formwork and falsework (draft)
      8. Guidance on the principles of safe design for work
      9. Guidelines on “Reasonably Practicable” and
    4. Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner – Safe Design
    5. Comcare Safety in Design Page
      1. Good work through effective design project
  2. QLD
    1. Safe Design of Structures
    2. Steel Construction
    3. Managing Risk of Plant in the Workplace
    4. Formwork
    5. Web pages for designers on the QLD Workplace Health and Safety Webpage
  3. WA
    1. General state codes of practice
      1. Safe design of buildings and structures
      2. Safeguarding of machinery and plant
      3. Tilt-up construction
  4. ACT
    1. ACT codes of practice website:-
    2. ACT Worksafe Safe Design webpage:-
  5. Tasmania
    1. Safe design of structures code of practice
  6. Vic
    1. Compliance Codes of Practice and Industry standards
      1. Plant code of practice
      2. Confined Spaces- Compliance Code
      3. Safe erection of structural steel for buildings, industry standard
    2. Other
      1. Construction and erection of bridge beams
      2. Worksafe Victoria Building and Structure Design Webpage
      3. Designing safer buildings and structures guideline
  7. NSW
    1.  Safe design of structures code of practice
    2. Tunnels under construction code of practice
    3. Construction Hazard Assessment Implication Review,d.aWw
  8. Other
    1. Australian Steel Institute Technical Note TN002 – Issues with temporary bracing of steel structures
    2. Centre for Construction Workplace Health and Safety – Safety in Design Report 2014
    3. Consult Australia – Workplace Health and Safety page
  9. Client/Owner presentations / requirements
    1. QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads – Design Criteria for Bridges and Other Structures (refer section 3.13 for safety in design requirements

Steel Erection

  1. AS3828 / QLD Code of Practice for Steel Construction – Steel Construction
  2. Australian Steel Institute Technical Note TN002 – Issues with temporary bracing of steel structures
  3. Vic Safe erection of structural steel for buildings, industry standard
  4. South African Institute of Steel Construction Papers
    1. Documentation of Design – Summary of Essential Structural Information for Project
  5. presentation made at the Institution of Structural Engineers on Erection Engineering of Steel Structures:  . It contains quite a few issues to be considered, as well as some failure investigations.
  6. Safety in Design – Design guides for steelwork ( ), temporary structures ( ) and erection techniques ( )

Demolition / End of Life

  1. CROSS Topic Paper – Structures at the end of their design life


Other Safety in Design Links

  1. DIOHAS (Designers Initiative on Health and Safety) webpage
  2. APS (Association of Project Safety) website
  3. Design Guides from Safety in Design website:-=
  4. C662 CDM 2007 – Construction Work Sector Guidance for Designers
  5. C663 CDM 2007 – Workplace in use guidance for designers
  6. “Risk in Structural Engineering”, Institution of Structural Engineers,
  7. South Africa
    1. Advisory Note of Occupational Health and Safety Act 1993, Construction Regulations 2003
    2. Client Information Sheet 3
  8. UK
    1. UK HSE Red, Amber, Green lists for safety in design
    2. Safety In Design
    3. UK HSE Construction Website:
    4. UK HSE Report 834 – Preventing catastrophic events in construction
    5. The Institution of Structural Engineers now has a fairly recent presentation on the role of the designer during contstruction available. It can be found at the following link:
    6. Guidance for the 2015 CDM
    7. Other UK HSE Research Reports
      1. 422 – Developing guidelines for the selection of designers and contractors under the CDM 1994
      2. 463 – Avoiding structural collapses in refurbishment: A decision support system
      3. 467 – the commercial case for applying CDM
      4. 538 – Improving the effectiveness of CDM 1994
  9. New Zealand – The Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ)
    1. Links to practice notes Practice Notes
      1. Peer Review Practice Note
      2. Safety and Engineers Practice Note
      3. Designing for Safety in Buildings and Other Structures Practice Note
      4. Constructability Practice Note
      5. Structural Engineering Design Office Practice Practice Note