Prevention through Design

Spreading the word about Design for Construction and Maintenance Safety

Welcome to Prevention through Design!


The first in a series of NIOSH-funded Prevention through Design (PtD) workshops will be hosted on March 11, 2020, 8 am – 3:30 pm in Tempe, Arizona.  The theme of the first workshop is “CURRENT AND FUTURE STATE-OF-THE-ART ON RESEARCH, PRACTICE, & EDUCATION.”  With a roster of exceptional speakers, the workshop will identify, exchange, and leverage experiences and expertise on PtD research, practice, and education efforts among engineering, design, contractor, client and owner organizations, insurers, US colleges and universities, and agencies.  PDHs will be offered.  For questions, please email

The Florida Engineering Society and Florida Engineers in Construction will host a one-day transportation safety workshop that will include PtD in Jacksonville, FL on March 10, 2020.

Dr. John Gambatese at Oregon State University created a helpful sourcebook on PtD:  PtD in the Project Delivery Process

Dr. Nicholas Tymvios at Bucknell University recently updated the helpful list of PtD publications:  Prevention through Design bibliography July 2019

The American Society of Safety Engineers have created an online course on the PtD concept, a webpage about PtD in Construction, and continues to offer a standard on PtD.

Researchers at Oregon State University have created a tool to “Determine the level of safety risk associated with an entire building, a specific building system, or each of the many design features within a building.

The OSHA Construction Alliance Roundtable has created materials for a short course on Designing for Construction Safety. A slide deck, student manual and instructor manual can be downloaded here.

PtD has been added to the LEED rating system. You can earn professional continuing education credits by completing an online module.